Rewarding Recycling


We're encouraging you to help us save the planet, by showing that a few minutes can make a massive difference.


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We're rewarding the world for collecting previously unrecyclable items – so we can recycle them!

Capri Sun

Targeting Plastic Aluminium Laminates

Drinks containers and toothpaste tubes previously destined for landfill...

Recent advancements in recycling technology mean that items which couldn’t be recycled before can now be turned into something new and useful!

Our team of collectors are searching for a huge number of household items, which they’ll bring together and exchange for the ultimate prize… Lego & science toys!

We plan to roll this scheme out further in the near future, so if you would like to know more please get in touch using our contact form.

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How It Works

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By invitation only at the moment! Complete the registration form and return it as instructed.

2. Collect & Label

Find your recyclable goods and mark them as instructed.

3. Bring In Your Finds

Drop off your booty at the collection centre. We will count your booty and then email you as to how many EcoBucks you have gained!

4. Collect & Spend Your EcoBucks

Save enough rubbish from landfils to turn your EcoBucks into LEGO!

What We Collect

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Food & Drink Pouches

Coffee Packets

Drink Bottle Seals

Pet Food Sachets

The test is to see if light shines through the plastic aluminum packaging. If the light doesn’t shine through we want it!

What We Do NOT Collect

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Cardboard Aluminium Packets

Currently we don’t collect cardboard aluminum packaging! Why? The cardboard fiber requires a different recovery process.

Crisp Packets

Crisp packets! The aluminum is too thin for us to economically recover

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